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October 17th 2017-
Hello All, Wow, ok , Yeah it has been almost all year Since I've Updated Here, Between Life in General & Having Some Health Issues Over the Last Year & a Half, It has just been Tricky for me to get to doing updates Here... I' am Very Sorry  & to the few of you who continue to drop by , Thank You, So much .. i appreciate the support very much :) ... & I' am Hoping that I Can Start to do More Regular updates here again... That is the Plan , So We Shall See... You Can However get many More Regular updates for Now, at my Facebook Page .

New Art & Links to All
My Shops & Soundcloud Music Trax, Pop Up There More On a Regular Basis., Please Consider Dropping by & Giving the page a Like, Share, Etc... Thank YoU :)
I Do Have Plans For the Site,  & Will Do My Best to Get to Them,
Please Hang in There with Me... More Soon..
Thank you To All the New & Continued Supporters :)

March 26th 2017-
Hello All, The Latest News...
Updated My Blurb.com Book shop  & Now have 3 books available
2 of my manipulation styles of art & 1 of my photography, macros of tiny insects & colorful flowers, Please stop by & Preview a few pages of Each Book, Grab a Copy of Your Favorite
& Please Share The Page & Book Links on Your Social Network(s)

It Really Helps Me Out When You Share My Stuff. :)
More Soon, Working on Setting up a Few Photo Shoots Soon...
& With Spring in Full Effect Look For New MACRO Shots of Flowers & Insects... :) 
Please Visit my Facebook Page For My Latest Art & Photography.
Thank You All For the New & Continued Support.

Art & Photography Books

A Vision of Creative Freedom

Inspired Imagination

Tiny Creatures & The Colors of Nature

January 16th 2017-
Happy New Yr All... Really sorry for the lack of updates,  but time is never on my side :)
... Please visit me At
Facebook for my latest updates & artwork... I'm Still Planning stuff for the site here, but have not had time to get to it all, For Now Join me, Follow, Like, Etc, my Stuff on Facebook.
More Soon
Thank you for the New & Continued Support.

Sept 1st 2016-
Hello All, I'm finally back.. have been really sick for the last month & half, had to have a tooth cut out & infection spread throughout my body causing me to be super sick, & during this time I found out I have an extreme case of Bpp Vertigo, which suffice to say has caused even more problems...
but I'm finally feeling somewhat normal again, still a bit dizzy from time to time, but doing several at home remedies for the vertigo & they seem to be helping, I want to thank all of you who sent positive vibes & well wishes on my
facebook page It Meant A lot
Thank you  :)
ok.. so being down for so long  has hurt my creativity for sure.. but I'm back & ready to be creative again... posted a few little photo tweaks on facebook & will do my best to get some new stuff here soon...
please drop by & visit my page & like, comment on some stuff.
I Do plan on doing some new photo shoots soon.. & will have more info on that asap,  also looking into a few new ideas on how to get my art out there more... for now.. please remember you can get some of my designs as cross stitch items here -
Cross Stitch Art & as always please drop by & visit my shops & galleries.
I Truly appreciate the new & continued support... more soon

May 31st 2016-
Hello All, Hope things have been well with you & yours, glad you stopped by for a visit & enjoy the artwork..
my latest news, I've been doing some new photo shoots with Local models  please visit my
facebook page to view the photos.
This is a ton of fun & I hope to continue working with these & new models.. I'm looking into adding a photography gallery here,  but , seems I never have much extra time .. or when I do .. to be honest I just haven't felt like doing it.. lol..  so much to do,
so little time :)...
but if you do live in or around the Knoxville Tn area, please have a look at my artwork, & photography & perhaps, I can be of help on a creative project you may be working on ... drop me a message on facebook, or here in the guestbook, if you have questions...
more soon.
Thank you to each of you for the new & continued support:)

Graveyard Vamps Gallery  

Day of the Dead Gallery

Bridal Dresses, Gallery

Macro Gallery

March 20th 2016-
Hello Everyone, Thank you for Stopping By, Hope you found something to enjoy, & be inspired by.
Uploaded a couple new images to my
deviantArt  & facebook galleries.
& plan on adding a few new pieces here, soon...
Several new projects just getting started, got some new lighting gear & hope to start doing more stock photos, & more... news on that soon, 
should be working with some Local Models soon, & so i'll post any pics if they turn out, as well as i hope they will  :)
more soon.
Thank you for all the new & continued support.

Jan 4th 2016-
Happy New Year, Man o Man, Did I not update for a whole yr... 
it sure looks like it... well life gets in the way  & i just didn't have the time to properly do any updates here... i still have loads of ideas & plans for the site & here I'am finally adding some new, info, art & maybe more :)
I sure want to thank all of you who still drop in for a visit...
please be sure to visit me & like/add me on facebook ...
you can find me at facebook.com/KnightmanProductions

I Do More Regular updates there & add new art often, so be sure to like the page :)

Always tons to do , but please drop in more often, look for new art & more very soon... i promise i will do more work on the site this yr, just added several new images to the gallery & will add more new things here first before any place else ( most likely ) 

& don't forget to drop me a message in the guestbook, or on facebook,  I do commission work, pricing is always negotiable,
Much More Soon.
Thank You All For the New & Continued Support.


Jan 20th 2o15-
Happy New Yr, I hope everyone had a good holiday, & Are Ready for a great 2015...
I'm Hoping to be a bit more busy this yr then i was last,
but for now.. the latest news -
Buy Your Copy of Serpents Tongue Here

Look for new art at my facebook page & minor changes to the site here, soon.

Oct 17th 2o14-
LONG TIME no See, Yes I Know it Has Been Forever Since I Have Updated Here, Been Pretty Busy, with The Serpents Tongue Game Art & A Few Other Projects, Very Sorry for the Lack of Updating Here, But if You Follow Me on Face book, You Will Have a Much Better Chance of Seeing More Regular Updates & New Artwork.
Still Trying to Decide What to Do here at the Main Site, I Pay for Lots of Space & Want to Use it, But Time is Always Against Me, More on That Soon, I have Plans, But Have to See how They May Play Out Before I Want to Say Much More...
on That Note, I Have Several Really Cool New Designs on My
Boneworks Items at the Shop, New CALENDARS Are Also Available Now... More Goodies Soon.
Huge Thank You to Each of You For ALL The New & Continued Support.
More Soon.. I Promise

June 18th 2o14-
Hello All, Very Sorry for the lack of updates, Life pulling me in different directions & work that keeps my time constrained, has been making it really tough to keep my updates here in any kind of timely fashion. I do hope I haven't lost to many of my followers/fans :)
Please visit me at my Facebook page for the latest news, art & more. it's been a little easier for me to add new art, & keep news updated there... So again, Please hit the facebook link to the left, like, comment & enjoy the art, news & info at my facebook page, & still stop by here from time to time, as I will continue to add new art, news, etc, as I can...
if you need art for a project, please send me a message on facebook or deviantart.com.
Huge Thank You, to all of you, for the new & continued support.

February 19th 2o14-
You Can Find My Art as Cross Stitch Templates Now, Please Visit
Colour Cascade Fabrics & Checkout What's Available.

The Serpents Tongue Game is Finally out & Has Shipped to Most Areas From What I Understand, I Hope Those of You Who Grab a Copy, Enjoy the Game & Art for the Cards.
New Art at my Facebook Page & Deviantart Page...
Trying to Figure out What to do With the Site here..
More Soon.
Thank You for All the New & Continued Support.

December 2nd 2o13-
Hello Everyone, I Hope you find what you wanted during your visit & perhaps even more,
Please visit my
facebook page for my latest updates & new art, also always be sure to stop by my Deviantart web page.
With the holidays gearing up, be sure to check out my shops, as they have several great items that make perfect gifts for those hard to find , or unique people in your life,
have a visit & see all the different options.
Serpents Tongue game should be releasing very soon, if not for some of you as I write this :), visit the link for news & info.
I'm continuing to submit new art for cards & more.
I Hope for all who celebrate their own unique holidays during this time of yr, you each find happiness & joy in whatever you do.
Thank you to each of you for the new & continued support.
Look for new art & more in the coming yr.
if you ever need art for a project, be it, book cover, dvd, music cd cover, etc, please contact me.
Happy Holidays

New Vid - Unreleased & More 

September 16th 2o13-
Hello All, Let me start by saying I am very aware of the lack of regular updates, but with me doing all this myself I have to admit, Sometimes to keep up with all I try to have available online & off, plus live life in some normal fashion, Well Time is never on my side in other words :)
I hope that I haven't lost to many of you & can say that you can always find my very latest artwork on my facebook & usually my deviantart.com pages.
I am in a phase of not being sure what I want to do with the main website here, I have had KnightmanProductions.com for many yrs now & it has helped gain me many friends, fans & more. The Idea of not having my own site here, having a place for my own, way of doing things, etc.. Is something Im not real comfortable with, but to be honest it has gotten very hard to keep up with it in a timely manner.
So for now Im just not sure where the site will go, or how if at all I'll change it, or not... I just wanted to acknowledge that I know the updates are few & far between. & I do plan on figuring this out sometime soon... just not sure how long that sometime, will end up being.
For now, I Appreciate any & all support, old or new fans, I thank you for stopping by the site, I hope that you find the art enjoyable & perhaps choose to visit the many places online you can find my artwork.
For All you Horror fans, be sure to checkout the very first issue of
Pavor Nocturnus Magazine, coming in October, My Art will be featured on the front cover of the first issue, Show your support & enjoy some good horror writing & more.
News on the Release of the Serpents Tongue Card Game Should be incoming soon, Last I heard release was hoping to happen in early to mid October, As soon as I know more I will post info & links, for now if you are interested in knowing more about the game visit the
magi website here 
More Soon, 
Thank you to each of you for all the new & continued support.

July 8th 2o13-
Hello Everyone, I Hope You & Yours Are Well.
Things have picked up a bit & I would like to thank those of you who have commissioned work from me,
Please Checkout Zack Kullis Writing, Cover Artwork By Little Ol Me -
Realm Crossing  
Also if you are looking for even more good reading Be sure to checkout Martin Kee Books & Look For Bloom - Soon, Cover Artwork By Me.
Also Worked on a New Logo For Dj LP - Checkout His Stuff Here -
:) Big Thanx Guys !

For Those of You who visit often you will notice i have started a new look to my main cafepress gift shop   This New Simple Design Will Hopefully make things easier to find, as of now not many items are available, but I will add new things with new art soon. ( if there are any items you want added please message me )
New art & Info Soon.
Thank you to each of you for all the new & continued support.

May 7th 2o13-
Hello All, Again, Not a lot going on, Things Are Very Slow :(
News on the Release of the Serpents Tongue Game Should Be Soon, the game is Scheduled to release in late may early June, but we shall see... :)
please visit & like my
KnightmanProductions.com Facebook Page
I Update there with new art a bit more regularly.
Also Checkout the Link to
KnightFlyte Designs, These Fun, Unique Designs Make Perfect Gifts.
More News & Art Soon.
Thank You To Each of You For All The New & Continued Support.

March 21st 2o13
Hello All:), Not a lot of news right now.. things are slow,
but have a few mins to kill ? well, drop by & take a look at 2 new vids -
The Boneworks - Sci Fi, Surreal & Fantasy Vid -
More Soon.
Thank you for all the new & continued support.

January 28th 2o13-

Hello All, I hope you have been well, sorry for the lack of updates , but my 2k12 ended badly, with the loss of a cousin a few days before xmas, so things have been slow, to get back in the swing of things... I would like to thank all of you who continue to support my artwork :)
some new work can be seen here at my
Deviantart Gallery 
& Several New pieces have been added to my facebook page
please stop by for a visit & see what you think.
& Remember I'am Available for commission work, & or many of my pieces can be licensed for use in your , games, book covers, movie posters, dvd covers, music cd covers, etc... 
drop me a message here in the guestbook or visit my gallery , facebook, twitter, & contact me there.
my pricing is always negotiable, & i love to work with creative open minded folks.  hit my bio link for some info on what i have done over the yrs & visit the galleries to see some of my artwork.
More Soon

December 3rd 2o12
Happy Holidays Everyone, I Hope You Have All Had a Great Year!
I Truly Can't Thank Each of You Enough, For All The New & Continued Support of My Artwork.
As the Years pass, I See, Just How Important Developing Strong Relationships, Both With the Fans & The Professionals  I' am Lucky Enough to Work With Really Are. I Hope That My Artwork Continues to Grow & Inspire, I Look Forward to Creating New & Exciting Ideas & Can't Wait to See What Others Have in Store For Me.
Always Moving Forward, Always Dreaming Big... I Hope That You Will Continue on This Journey With Me.
Most likely the last update of 2o12 -  ... In Time For the Holidays, Checkout My New 2013 Calendars - Great Gift Idea -
New 2013 Fractal Mixture Calendar 

New 2o13 Fantasy, Sci Fi, & Surreal Calendar

& As Always Look For New Art At Deviantart Gallery & Facebook

Much Luv & Happiness to All...
Enjoy a Safe & Happy Holiday & See You In 2o13 :)

October 31st 2o12
Happy Halloween to All Who Celebrate It !
New Artwork At My DeviantArt.com Gallery & Checkout My
Halloween 2k12 Art Vid - Here - Showcasing Dark & Creepy Art For the Holiday.
More News Soon.
Thank You

September 21st 2o12-
Bio Info Updated with links, News on Art for the Serpents Tongue Game Coming Soon, Look for the release of the game in Late October, Early November of This Yr, I Should Have Several Pieces Included as Card Designs. Info & Links Once it Gets Released.
New Artwork At Facebook & Coming Soon... to My Deviantart Gallery.
I have Been Really Busy With This Art for the Serpents Tongue Game, But Plan On Posting Images of the Art from it & More Before the Big Holidays Start.
A Huge Thank You to All of You For the New & Continued Support.

July 6th 2o12 -
Hello All, I Know it's been a long while since my last update,
& I Apologize for that, it's getting difficult to keep up with all my web pages
Please like KnightmanProductions.com at Facebook, for my latest updates, as that is much easier on me for now... that's not to say i won't be adding more here I will, but I'm trying to not spread myself to thin.. I hope you all understand.
on to the latest, several new images added to my facebook gallery & a couple to my deviantart gallery since my last update here.
please drop by & have a look, also it looks like I will have several images included in the new card game Serpents Tongue http://www.becomemagi.com/  Visit The Games Website for news & info, & look for release in October of 2012, ill add news as I get it.
I Do Commission Work, Please don't forget that, my pricing is negotiable & i always enjoy creating art for book covers, dvd movie covers, posters, etc...
if you need art for a project, message me here in my guestbook or drop me a line on facebook, deviantart & or twitter... ill get back to you asap.
Thank You to Each of you For All the New & Continued Support.