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May 15th 2019 -
Wow ! Ok, Yeah It's been a while, Sorry May not even be worth saying.. For the few of you who still visit or someone just dropping in from an Image link..
I Do However Appreciate the Visit & Hope You Find Something You Enjoy, 
But No Update in So Long... Yeah, well, life, family having some serious health issues, & a Few Other Things that have kept me from having much extra time.
So obviously no updates for a good long while, In All Seriousness, 
I 'am Truly Sorry for such a large gap in Between updates, I Do post more regularly on my Facebook page, Please Follow, Like Me There For All the Latest Art, & Info...
I Have However Actually Added Several New Images in the Gallery,
6 New Eye Manipulations, 6 New Flower Photographs, 9 New Light Painting Photos, & 6 New Free Wallpapers. :)  
& That Leads Into What I've Been Up Too Lately,
On The Creative Side In The Free Time I Have Had, I've Been Trying to Learn More About Light Painting Photography, 
It is Something I Enjoy Very Much, & So I've Started on my Journey Into that Realm of Creativity , 
So Far It is Loads of Fun, & I Believe I'm Starting to Get Better At It. 
I Will Add Some Here For Viewing & On My Personal Facebook Page I Have An Album From Start, Until My Most Recent Photos, 
Be Kind, As I've Only Been At It A Few Months :) ...
On the Art Side I Will Add Some New Wallpapers Here As Well.
I 'am Trying to Figure out the Over All Direction I Want to Take the Site Here, But Still Mulling Things Over, More on That Soon I Hope.. :P 
Ok, Well At least It is An Update, Again Please Visit me At Facebook , Or For A lot More of My Artwork ... & A Huge, HUGE Thank You to Any & All of You Who Continue to Show Support, & Visit My Site Here... I Will Do My Best to Start Having At least Monthly Updates Again....

November 8th 2018 -
Hello All, Yes, Yet Again, I've Not Done any Major Updates in a Long While, Obviously, If you are one of the Few Who Continues to Visit...
& Yes, Again, I 'am Very Sorry , for Not, Doing More.
Between, Some Health Issues &  A General Lack of Opportunities For Creativity on a Professional Level , I Just Haven't Been As Creative as Usual.
That is not to Say I Have Not Created Any New Art, If You Follow Me on
Facebook, You Will See Several New Pieces, My Love of Skulls & Eyes, Never Stops Really.. So You Never Know When a Random, Evil Skull or Wicked Eye May Pop Up... Please Consider, a Visit, Like, Follow, Share, Etc.. It Helps Me More Then You May Realize.
I Do Still Have Plans For the Page Here... But I May Ned to Look Into Finding Someone, to Help Me Run it... as Time & Life Just Continues to Get in the Way ... :)
We Shall See... For Now, a Huge Thank You to Any & All of You Who Continue to Show Your Support. ! :)
I've Been Online For Many Years Now... I Don't Plan on Leaving Anytime Soon... But There is No Denying , Things Have Slowed...
Kind of Feels Like I 'am Back At Square One...
More Soon... ( I Hope )
Thank You For the New & Continued Support.

April 23rd 2018 -
Hello All, for the few of you that are regular visitors, you will notice the site is taking on a new look... just a slightly different template, but a decent ( if minor ) upgrade :)
.... so with that said... links may not work right.. things may look odd for a bit.. the changes are still under construction... images may not link, etc...
I will get everything normal as soon as I can ... but wanted to check , the online look of the pages... etc... I hope you all like the new look ... much more to do .. & change, there will be more content for the page here, but since I have so many off site pages, I' am sure you can find something to keep you busy  , while I build new stuff  lol..
ok.. the latest news other then site changes ..
No new house for us right now... it was not the right time for that big of a change...  but perhaps in a yr or so .. :) ...
But that is what gave me the time to get to these website changes.. so all good in the long run    :)  ... ok.... new art at my facebook page.. please drop  by & give it a like & share :)  ... please get in the habit of sharing the art... it helps me out  more then you know. :)
More Soon.
Don't Forget Sectors New Album
Digital Voodoo is out Now..
Cover Art By Me :)

February 20th 2018-
Hello All, Yes, again it seems a long delay between updates, lots going on in life,  trying to buy a new house & sell our older one... so yeah , that among other things, have me stretched, again I 'm very sorry for the lack of updates, I Know I Keep Saying that , but I Do have Plans for the Site... It is Cleary in need of a Full Rehaul/Rework/Rebuild   ... a lot of Re(s)   lol....
but ok, the news...
Please Checkout the Band -
Sector & their website's) for news on their new Album coming up for Release on April 6th 2018 
The Cover Artwork was Created by Me. :)
Huge Thank You to the Band for Using my Art, for their Cover. !!!
... Drop By Their Page(s) & have a Listen , If you enjoy, Heavy, Industrial, Mixed with Electronic Sounds & Grooves,  Then Be Sure to Check These Guys Out !!!
& As always, Please Visit Me & Like, Share my stuff At ....
I Tend to Drop New Art There, More Often then On The Site Here... :)

Please Drop by & Share Some of Your Fav, Art Pieces of Mine... :)
Thank You To All of the New & Continued Support.
More SOON..


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