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Nov 12th 2019- @ 
Latest Art & News Can Be Found There... Still Trying to Figure out What to Do Here with The Site...Adding Some New Free Wallpapers.
Enjoy.. Please Share Links If You Like the Artwork.
More Soon.
Thank you For the New & Continued Support.

May 15th 2019 -
Wow ! Ok, Yeah It's been a while, Sorry May not even be worth saying.. For the few of you who still visit or someone just dropping in from an Image link..
I Do However Appreciate the Visit & Hope You Find Something You Enjoy, 
But No Update in So Long... Yeah, well, life, family having some serious health issues, & a Few Other Things that have kept me from having much extra time.
So obviously no updates for a good long while, In All Seriousness, 
I 'am Truly Sorry for such a large gap in Between updates, I Do post more regularly on my Facebook page, Please Follow, Like Me There For All the Latest Art, & Info...
I Have However Actually Added Several New Images in the Gallery,
6 New Eye Manipulations, 6 New Flower Photographs, 9 New Light Painting Photos, & 6 New Free Wallpapers. :)  
& That Leads Into What I've Been Up Too Lately,
On The Creative Side In The Free Time I Have Had, I've Been Trying to Learn More About Light Painting Photography, 
It is Something I Enjoy Very Much, & So I've Started on my Journey Into that Realm of Creativity , 
So Far It is Loads of Fun, & I Believe I'm Starting to Get Better At It. 
I Will Add Some Here For Viewing & On My Personal Facebook Page I Have An Album From Start, Until My Most Recent Photos, 
Be Kind, As I've Only Been At It A Few Months :) ...
On the Art Side I Will Add Some New Wallpapers Here As Well.
I 'am Trying to Figure out the Over All Direction I Want to Take the Site Here, But Still Mulling Things Over, More on That Soon I Hope.. :P 
Ok, Well At least It is An Update, Again Please Visit me At Facebook , Or For A lot More of My Artwork ... & A Huge, HUGE Thank You to Any & All of You Who Continue to Show Support, & Visit My Site Here... I Will Do My Best to Start Having At least Monthly Updates Again....

November 8th 2018 -
Hello All, Yes, Yet Again, I've Not Done any Major Updates in a Long While, Obviously, If you are one of the Few Who Continues to Visit...
& Yes, Again, I 'am Very Sorry , for Not, Doing More.
Between, Some Health Issues &  A General Lack of Opportunities For Creativity on a Professional Level , I Just Haven't Been As Creative as Usual.
That is not to Say I Have Not Created Any New Art, If You Follow Me on
Facebook, You Will See Several New Pieces, My Love of Skulls & Eyes, Never Stops Really.. So You Never Know When a Random, Evil Skull or Wicked Eye May Pop Up... Please Consider, a Visit, Like, Follow, Share, Etc.. It Helps Me More Then You May Realize.
I Do Still Have Plans For the Page Here... But I May Ned to Look Into Finding Someone, to Help Me Run it... as Time & Life Just Continues to Get in the Way ... :)
We Shall See... For Now, a Huge Thank You to Any & All of You Who Continue to Show Your Support. ! :)
I've Been Online For Many Years Now... I Don't Plan on Leaving Anytime Soon... But There is No Denying , Things Have Slowed...
Kind of Feels Like I 'am Back At Square One...
More Soon... ( I Hope )
Thank You For the New & Continued Support.

April 23rd 2018 -
Hello All, for the few of you that are regular visitors, you will notice the site is taking on a new look... just a slightly different template, but a decent ( if minor ) upgrade :)
.... so with that said... links may not work right.. things may look odd for a bit.. the changes are still under construction... images may not link, etc...
I will get everything normal as soon as I can ... but wanted to check , the online look of the pages... etc... I hope you all like the new look ... much more to do .. & change, there will be more content for the page here, but since I have so many off site pages, I' am sure you can find something to keep you busy  , while I build new stuff  lol..
ok.. the latest news other then site changes ..
No new house for us right now... it was not the right time for that big of a change...  but perhaps in a yr or so .. :) ...
But that is what gave me the time to get to these website changes.. so all good in the long run    :)  ... ok.... new art at my facebook page.. please drop  by & give it a like & share :)  ... please get in the habit of sharing the art... it helps me out  more then you know. :)
More Soon.
Don't Forget Sectors New Album
Digital Voodoo is out Now..
Cover Art By Me :)

February 20th 2018-
Hello All, Yes, again it seems a long delay between updates, lots going on in life,  trying to buy a new house & sell our older one... so yeah , that among other things, have me stretched, again I 'm very sorry for the lack of updates, I Know I Keep Saying that , but I Do have Plans for the Site... It is Cleary in need of a Full Rehaul/Rework/Rebuild   ... a lot of Re(s)   lol....
but ok, the news...
Please Checkout the Band -
Sector & their website's) for news on their new Album coming up for Release on April 6th 2018 
The Cover Artwork was Created by Me. :)
Huge Thank You to the Band for Using my Art, for their Cover. !!!
... Drop By Their Page(s) & have a Listen , If you enjoy, Heavy, Industrial, Mixed with Electronic Sounds & Grooves,  Then Be Sure to Check These Guys Out !!!
& As always, Please Visit Me & Like, Share my stuff At ....
I Tend to Drop New Art There, More Often then On The Site Here... :)

Please Drop by & Share Some of Your Fav, Art Pieces of Mine... :)
Thank You To All of the New & Continued Support.
More SOON..


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